Understanding the pain point of boot-strapping, ambitious founders is what we do. Having worked in the technology industry, helping budding founders and hobbyists who want to bring their dreams to life is something we truly understand. We aim to equip you with the necessary skills to know just enough to be dangerous, enough to put your ideas out into the world in a professional, competent manner.

What We Do

Teaching courses in aesthetic design that has the end user in mind. We explore ways of how design marries with development. Showing you tools that can aid you on your quest to bring out your ideas to life in the most simple of ways.

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Our Skills

Javascript/databases/Full Stack95%

What We Offer

When we are not teaching, e offer UI design that has the user in mind. Component-based design that makes it easy for your development team to work with. We also design and develop websites with WordPress, as well as Web applications.

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